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Ballet is the noblest form of dance — perhaps the most difficult.

Working on developing a dancer’s technical basics, ballet is beneficial for the body placement and the best foundation for any other dance form.



Jazz dancing improves coordination, musicality, body discipline and awareness.

It will challenge each dancer to master kicks, leaps & turning techniques as well as create their own “style.” Popular music is used for this high-energy class.



Tap aids in creating and understanding musicality & rhythms while making music with your feet.

Keep those toes a tapping, a very popular and fun class for all!



Geared specifically for dancers, Acrobatics allows dancers to take gymnastics to the dance floor.

Dancers will learn tumbling tricks that they will be able to use in their dance routines such as cartwheels, walkovers & aerials. This class also focuses on flexibility, strength & cardio training.



Lyrical/Contemporary allows dancers to express themselves by using their music and movement to tell a story.

It is a combination of the slow fluidity of ballet and the turns and leaps of jazz. Also including contract-release, floor work and recovery/fall techniques.



Hip Hop is a modern style of dance involving intricate movements. This class teaches the basic elements of hip-hop: popping, locking and breakin’ etc.

Filled with funky & fresh choreography, we build personal style and confidence. We use popular music and teach through center work & choreography in this cool class.


Musical Theater

Children will learn to sing, dance, and act; a real triple threat!
Students will learn basic acting and musical theatre performance techniques with emphasis on learning dances from various Broadway Shows.
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