Competition Team

Our Competition Team is for the dancer who loves to dance and perform and who wants to take his or her training to the next level!
Our program provides students with the highest level of dance education and training under the accredited and award-winning direction of Gillian Howatt and Diana Radcliffe. Dancers will develop strong technical skills, self-confidence, discipline, determination, dedication, and teamwork.
Dancers that join our Competition Team will participate in three competitions over the course of the year as well as the studio year-end showcase. They will also have exam, travel and convention opportunities as they progress through the program.

Additional Fees

Fees in addition to your regular weekly classes include:
  • choreography
  • costumes
  • dress rehearsal
  • entry fees
  • team uniform
These additional fees will be dispersed throughout the year. 

Audition Schedule

Auditions for our competition team are held in August each year.

After viewing your dancer, we will provide you with the appropriate training schedule.

Please sign up for our mailing list or follow us on Facebook to find out about our next audtion dates. 

Info Meeting 

A 20-minute information meeting with parents will follow after each audition class in which we will walk you through the entire program/commitments & answer any questions you may have. 


Please feel free to call our studio below or send us an email at if you have any questions. Studio Phone: 403-837-9514