Frequently Asked Questions

Our Full year classes run from September to mid June. For the 2018/2019 Dance season classes begin the week of September 10th 2018. Sessional classes run for 10 weeks & will be offered 3 times throughout the year. Classes for our 1st Session also begin the week of September 10th 2018.

ALL registration is done through our website: Our studio software system allows for digital documentation only. Once on the website locate the class you are interested in & click the REGISTER button. You will then be re-directed to the registration page where you will create an account & complete your registration. Throughout the year you can re-access your account through our Parent Portal where you can update payment information, print receipts etc.

Dress code in enforced at Mahogany Dance Arts. We believe this creates a sense of unity & community amongst the dancers as well give the teacher the ability to see & correct lines & technique as needed. On our website under the “About” tab you will find our “Dress Requirements”. Each class will be listed with pictures that specify attire & shoes required. As well recommendations on where to purchase these items are included. Prior to class beginning you will also receive a “Welcome Letter” that also include a link to the “Dress Requirements” information.

  • $25.00 registration fee DUE at time of registration
  • Dance shoes & attire that students are required to wear to their weekly class
  • ALL Full year dancers participate in our year-end showcase in June. Dancers will require a costume, which ranges from $65.00 – $75.00 per dancer (payment DUE in November) & our Recital package, which includes your tickets and video to the event.
  • Pictures packages that you can order on Photo Day (optional)

ALL Full year students are asked & encouraged to participate in the Recital. Recital is a celebration of Dance & an opportunity to showcase all your child has learned through out the year. It is a fantastic day of DANCE that your child will LOVE!!! The Recital is held at a professional theatre in or around Calgary. Dancers will also participate in a Recital Rehearsal prior to the big day so they have the experience on being on a stage. Tickets are required for each audience member attending & will be available for purchase with our Recital package.

Parents are not able to watch their child during class, therefore the viewing windows will remain closed but we do schedule 2 observation weeks through out the year where you can sit right in the classroom & view your child’s progress. We enforce this policy as it allows the dancer to fully focus & concentrate on what is happening in the classroom & not be distracted by eyes watching. It also gives dancers a safe platform to learn & enjoy the class without judgment.

If a younger child is feeling anxious or nervous about entering the classroom for the first time we do encourage parents to go in with the child then leave once they are more comfortable. Txs.

  • visit our website often as new information will be updated & posted for your access/viewing
  • check the bulletin board in the studio lobby/hallway often!! Our Calendar of Events will also be posted here
  • follows us on Instagram @mahoganydancearts & Facebook @Mahogany Dance Arts
  • if you have any specific questions which are not addressed in either of these places please send an email to Often between classes teachers are busy getting the next group of children ready for class so email or a phone call is preferred

Performance Team is for the dancer who has a passion for dance & performing & wants take their training to a Competitive level. The demands of this type of program require more from the children so we want to be sure your child is physically & emotionally ready for the program. If your child is interested in this program please contact our directors so we can then assess your child & provide you with additional program information.