Studio Policies

Term: Each class receives a minimum of 32 classes per year taking into account holidays and studio closures. The fee for these 32 lessons has been split into 10 monthly payments, so whether a month has 2 classes or 5 you still pay the same amount per month.

Fees: For full-year classes you first & last month fees (September & June) will be charged at the time of registration along with a $25 registration fee. You will then be charged on the first of each following month using the method of payment you entered into your online account. You may log in to your account & change this method of payment at any time. Direct Debit or Credit Card are accepted.

Sessional classes your registration fee & full session tuition will be charged at the time of registration.

Registration fees are paid annually & are valid until June 31st of the current dance year.

Registration & Withdrawal Policy: Our registration & withdraws deadline for the current dance year is January 15th.  No new registrations will be accepted after this date & no refunds will be granted for year-round classes. Refunds up to this date are only granted at the end of each month & written notification must be given 2 weeks prior for the next month’s payment.

Your registration fees & first/last month payments are non-refundable for full-year classes & for Sessional classes, no refunds will be granted after the 2nd week of class. Class fees are nontransferable.

NSF Fees: There will be a service charge automatically charged from your bank for all NSF direct debits transactions, as well as a studio fee of $30.

Receipts: Tax receipts are available through your Parent Portal & can be accessed & printed out from there. Please be sure to keep your username & password handy. You will also be emailed a notification when your monthly fees are processed.

Family Rates: For families that have multiple students enrolled at Mahogany Dance Arts the following discount for lesson fees will apply:

  • 5% off 2nd Child
  • 10% off 3rd & 4th Child

Discounts will automatically be applied upon registration.

Absences: If your child is unable to attend class a phone call or email is very much appreciated. Consistent attendance is encouraged. Dance training must occur regularly to improve skills. Irregular attendance may affect a child’s ability to advance through our curriculum of increasingly more complex levels of dance. Unfortunately, makeup classes are not offered and NO refunds will be given for missed classes.

Class Cancellations: If at any time we are required to cancel classes due to bad weather an email will be sent out as soon as possible. We will do our best to run classes except under exceptionally dangerous driving conditions & if it is unsafe for dancers & family members to be out. Use your own discretion regarding attendance if the driving is difficult in your area. Missed classes due to weather conditions will not be rescheduled.

Dress Requirements: Proper dress attire is very important for each class. Every dancer is expected to adhere to the appropriate attire set forth for each class. Please review the dress requirements details on our website. These details can be found under the “Dancer Information” tab. Additionally, these details will be sent to you prior classes starting up.

Theft & Injury: Mahogany Dance Arts Ltd will not be held responsible for any theft or injury that may be incurred at the studio.

Classroom Etiquette:

  • NO chewing gum, food and or flavored beverages inside the studio. Water bottles are permitted & encouraged. The above items are forbidden in the studios for safety reasons and to protect the dance studio facilities
  • Jewelry is also asked to be removed except for small stud earrings
  • Appropriate class dress requirements are required. We believe in a “dress code” for each class as it puts students in the right frame of mind to start learning & instills the discipline of dance
  • Respect for teachers, parents, and peers will be expected within the classroom/studio
  • No disruptive behavior, use of foul language or ridiculing of other students will be tolerated. The classroom is a welcoming, warm & encouraging space for the dancers
  • No use of cell phones allowed in the classroom

Lobby Etiquette:

  • Place all outdoor shoes on the shoe racks after entering the studio
  • Please respect the lobby area as if it were your own home. Clean up after yourself & throw all unwanted items in the garbage bins provided
  • The studio will be opened 15 minutes prior to the first class each day and closed 15 minutes after the last class of the evening. We encourage parents to drop & go but please do not to leave students in the lobby any longer than 15 minutes prior to their class beginning and 15 minutes after their class finishing. Dance Arts will not be held responsible for students in the lobby area outside of their class times
  • Dancers are asked to use the bathrooms available to change into their dance attire if needed
  • All dancers jackets, dance bags will be left in the holding room
  • Within MDA all students, parents, and teachers are expected to always conduct themselves in an appropriate manner. Negativity & critiquing/criticizing Mahogany Dance Arts, it’s students &/or teachers will NOT be tolerated.

Viewing Windows: At Mahogany Dance Arts we believe in a closed-door policy, therefore, the viewing windows will remain closed. We enforce this policy as it allows the dancer to fully focus & concentrate on what is happening in the classroom & not be distracted by eyes watching. The door to the classroom will remain unlocked during classes so if anytime your child needs a parent they will know they are only a few steps away.

We have 2 special Observation weeks throughout the year where you can view your child’s progress as well as a Year-End Performance Showcase that demonstrates all your children have learned.

Year-end Showcase Participation: All dancers registered in our full-year programs agree to participate in our Year-end showcase. The choreography of these routines will begin in mid-February. Sessional class dancers will not participate in the showcase. To learn more about this opportunity, please click here.

Assignment of Class Levels, Exams, Pointe Work: The Directors, in collaboration with teachers, makes all decisions regarding the assignment of class levels; participation in exams; and the appropriate time to begin pointe work. Occasionally a student may be moved to a different class when the student’s training would be improved by that change. Regular attendance, concentration, ability to assimilate instruction, and level of interest all contribute to steady growth.

Outside Training:  We will not accept any student who is enrolled or training with another studio/teacher.

Teacher Absence & Substitute Teachers: If your child’s instructor is sick or unable to attend class, a knowledgeable and experienced substitute teacher will cover classes. The instructor will leave a lesson plan so that students stay on track with what they are learning and do not fall behind.

Lost and Found: We recommend that all valuables be left at home as the studio cannot be held responsible for the loss of personal effects. We ask that parents check their child’s belongings before leaving each class and encourage you to mark all clothing and shoes with the students’ name. Our lost & found box is located in the dancers change room.

Communications: Information will be emailed regarding all studio events & information you need to know. Please check your emails regularly to ensure you don’t miss any of this important information.  Our website will also be updated regularly that everyone can have easy access to the information needed.

Photo/Images & Promotional Material Release: Mahogany Dance Arts reserves the rights to use photographs and video material taken of the students for marketing, advertising, and promotional purposes. If you DO NOT wish to have your child appear in our promotional marketing materials or advertisements please let us know promptly.

Questions & Concerns: All questions can be directed to or our admin staff Glenda at Discussions between instructors, parents, and students can be arranged by appointment only, not during or between classes. Please do not hesitate to contact the office to schedule an appointment at your convenience. We want to establish an Open Door Policy by appointment so that students, instructors, and parents feel welcome to discuss any questions or concerns but ensure our teachers are able to fully focus on instruction and provide uninterrupted lessons to our students.

We will aim to reply to all email questions as promptly as possible weekdays between 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. & Saturdays between 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. All emails received outside of these windows will be replied to the next business day.